Comicpalooza 2017 Recap

Well, this past weekend’s Comicpalooza was a very solid success for us. Our new shirts, stickers, and bottle caps were well received, and we were able to bolster our brand awareness with some palatable gusto. Really, it was a genuine pleasure meeting everyone.

A deafening round of applause and unending thanks need to be extended to JJ Shaw, Terry Wagner, Jason Graff, Brandon Yannerella, Grant Eneix, and our very own John McElroy for their help with the construction of our booth. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. A few tweaks to push going forward, but it worked exceptionally well as the initial prototype in the pursuit to improve our convention presence.


The original plan for the show was to debut Issue Three of IN MEDIA REX, but one technical delay after another kept getting in the way. Rest assured that we’re weeks away from getting it printed. Stay tuned to this spot and our other social media outlets for news about that. In fact, we’re going to continue some process and promotional posts leading up to its release.

Speaking of shirts, they should be going up in the Store later this week for those that missed purchasing them at the show. You’ll have to jump on them quickly because we have a very limited run of this design. We’re waiting to see if we’re going to go back to print for more based on your reactions.

I want to stress again that signing up for the Newsletter is going to pay off for all of you Pulp 21 fans. We have some special offers that we’re going to extend, as well as some exclusive previews for forthcoming projects outside of what we share on this blog and elsewhere. Expect a new one to go out later this week. So, sign up!

We have a lot of other exciting items of news to share soon. It’s a pain in the ass not to be able to talk about them now. Trust me, they’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks again, everyone,