Creator Profile: Pizo Meyer

Who are you and what do you do with Pulp 21?

Pizo Meyer. My first release with Pulp 21 was a great repackaging of my comic called "Seed". I have 5 pages of an introduction story in IMR 3 called Domine (Lord) which we hope to launch later as its own graphic novel. I'm also drawing a book for James Robert's story called "While you were out."

What’s your comic about?

Seed is a sci-fi alien world with several strange creatures. Some folks described it as Dr. Suess on acid! Domine takes place in a future desert world and it's about a random lifeform being born which could be the next king although not everyone believes that.

What do you do when you’re not making comics?

Visual art, electronic music production/DJ, spending time with my kids, friends, and family. Oh yeah, I like beer.