Houston Zine Fest, Mail Orders, and More...

We thought we were done with shows for awhile, but we've been graced with a table by Issac of Lady Lazarus - ladylazaruspress.com - for:



Houston Zine Fest 2015


The Printing Museum

1324 W. Clay St.

Houston, TX 77019


October 17, 2015 from 2pm to 8pm

Come out and meet a handful of the crew, buy a comic, and shoot the shit. As always, cash, card, and PayPal are accepted.

In other news, issue two is in heavy production and we should have that ready for release at the end of November. We're working on tying the release with another local event. More details on that within the coming weeks.

As for orders from the site, those will be shipped out this weekend. We apologize for the delay, but there's a learning curve for supplying you guys with the best quality product and service for your hard earned dollars. Your patience is more than appreciated.

- Chet