My history with art began really early. When I was 3, my grandpa showed me how to draw Bugs Bunny, and I would recreate it as best I could on anything and everything. I often drew toys and cartoons that I was into at the time, and would watch my dad paint portraits and comic characters. I was amazed that he could create such things. I wanted this super power too! So I kept drawing, and drawing, and drawing.  In school, I received a bit of attention for my art. Some admiration from friends, and some notes home to my parents about it from teachers. Art was more interesting than school work, after all.  I drew casually for years, taking a commission every few months or so, but really just  as a hobby. It wasn’t until I was around 26 or so that I decided a career as an Artist was what I wanted. At this point, I began working hard on my technique and developed my skills in different mediums. I wanted to be a well-rounded artist, and aside from Oils, I’d say I’m competent with most tools. My current focus is Digital work, and from there who knows? There’s always more to learn, and always higher you can climb.