Founded in a damp lab by Chet Presley and Richard Thomas Basey, Pulp 21 was  created as a unifying banner to produce comics as unique to their voices as possible. Pulp 21 is a showcase for everything they love and have learned from comic books and the literature they were born of.

Chet Presley debuted their premiere publication, PULP 21 PRIMER, at New York Comic Con. Like a mother bird, the two regurgitated it with new material, hawked at C2E2, in Chicago the following year.

Eventually, the duo decided to bring some friends along; releasing their second all new PULP 21 PRIMER at Houston’s Comicpalooza.

Recently, Pulp 21  has launched their new ongoing flagship title IN MEDIA REX. With a more diverse stable and content, Issue One debuted at Houston’s Comicpalooza 2015.

Experimental and classic, funny and horrifying, real and fantastic, Pulp 21 wants to do it all with comics, because they believe passionately comics can do it all.